View of a paved land

View of a paved land its a word’s work in progress in languages : Arabic , English and French , Published in Inchiostro e Pietra – Ink and Stone – حبر وحجر – ( the magazine ”Inchiostro e Pietra”, participated in the self_publishing exhibition “Fruit” from 20 to 24 March 2012 in Bologna. )This work started during temporary in-habitation of space and art residency at La Generale En Manufacture Sevres-France, questioning the lodging/non-lodging ,i think when talking on territorialization what is meant are words in process ,
it is one mode or functionality of creating space , i think this space some times is tangent and itself transcript some where in line , some times i do wonder on the notion of the ‘trace’ that mentions about Jacques Derrida ;i think these words are translated in one way or another still the form of the work is open ended,the transition of sound through words , the feminine , language and gender fusion are all some aspects of the work which i haven’t another extract to share at the moment because as mentioned previously it is in process .

See Pages 11, 36 , 37 :


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