‘Without A Movement’

Inchiostro e Pietra #3

Now online see Mo Maria Sarkis Page 29


‘INCHIOSTRO E PIETRA (“Ink and stone”)

The theme of this edition is “Resisting today”, meaning to imagine nowadays some creative forms of resistance to overcome the crisis especially in economic field – for example the loss of the job or looking for it – and to react to the opposing forces preventing an appropriate vent to the artistic freedom of individuals.

In 2012, INCHIOSTRO E PIETRA posed the question: “Where are art and culture going?”, and it invited intellectuals, poets and artists to write their opinion on the move or drift of the Art continent.

Due to the «Interesting Times» in which the current society has sunk – limiting the freedom of those who are involved in the arts– the approach that has emerged in response to that critical situation was an overall sense of disorientation of the world and insecurity about the future.

We analyzed how contemporary practices of resistance against the crisis have been developed, especially in collective forms of dissent, but an equally interesting aspect is understanding how the individual artist or poet has reacted or could react in their own, in the privacy of one’s daily life .

In other words, when the anomaly took over the daily sphere of the individual, influencing his way of life, how do the creative person react to it? Or how does he adapt?

With “Resisting today”, we intend to create a map of constituent resistance through the aid of art and writing, which are tools for opposition but also for adaptation to the environment that Garroni points as qualities pertaining to the creative sphere.

Starting then from the daily experience of common living, we invite artists, philosophers, poets, architects, and generally all those who believe in the energy of one’s own creative spirit to tell their own stories, creating in this way new behaviors and expressing possible representations of resistance.’

‘INCHIOSTRO E PIETRA is a blog and magazine of Contemporary arts, poetry and philosophy launched in 2009. This art project where each issue comes from a essential question, addressed to intellectuals pertaining to different disciplines, with a constant attention to poetic language.

The ambition is to involve known or emerging artists, poets and writers of different cultures, who are struggling in today’s world on socio-political themes, keeping alive the concept of their native language.

INCHIOSTRO E PIETRA encourages curiosity to understand other languages and facilitate the approach to new words, sounds and scents of new countries. We decided to use the abstracts as semiotic methodology, written by the artists themselves, who become a beacon in our dark nights, a thread that creates the composition of diversity issues present.’


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