See You In Turkey !!!

I:O Art Residence was first held in May 2013 in the Maximilian Voloshin’s House-Museum and public space of Koktebel, also was originally dedicated to artistic reflections on the historical and cultural space of Koktebel, on the social and cultural images of the Northern Black Sea Coast region (Cimmeria) overall.

The title of the project owes its name to the ancient legend of Io, which crossed the Black Sea in the form of cow through Bosporus, which got its name from (Βόσπορος – cow ford).

The semantic image I:O is a landmark scheme of “input” and “output” to (from) the social and cultural space.

Metaphorical image of the crossing of the space in a particular case is related to the idea of crossing the social and cultural spaces by individual/generation. These spaces form his/its attitudes and system of signs with mental codes.”

The official list of I:O Art Residence Bahçeik 2015 artists

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