To who belongs public space ?

The workshop “Practices of Commoning: Critical Spatial Ecology”

co-organized by Pelin Tan, associate professor at the Architecture Faculty, Mardin Artuklu University, Mardin (Turkey), and the Sursock Museum Beirut (Lebanon),

included a presentation by Namick Mackik

on the urbanization/migration, migrating the urban,

“The term “Urban” has been urbanized lately in the sense that it doesn’t represent the city…

Can we dislodge a certain definition of “Urban”?;

Certain political imaginary, Idea of society, is that to integrate the one into the big…”

Mentioning artists such as Bojan Sarcevic in his artwork “World Corner” where he took a corner of a wall from a house that has been demolished/condemned, seeing in it a possibility of a new world…

Art Installation “World Corner”

And Artists Collective “Center for political beauty” by their artwork of transporting bodies of refugees and making public burials…

During the workshop the mentioning of Beirut as a post-war city as Bosnia…

“For example in contemporary art , photographic image can re-articulate the memory of space…

Space that has a memory that was destroyed, as when a space is bombed self-identification with the neighborhood is not recognizable;

Cities are moving, the point is who is taking part in their formation and who are the actors?

There is no trace of civil war as in post-war cities ( Beirut,Bosnia… ) do we forget about it and build a new neutral neo-liberal space?”

Such questions remain : Is public space neutral? And To who belongs public space ?


now concerning the mentioning of notions of “National” and “Homogeneous”, i find the following article an interesting read :
on a small polish country town Bereźnica Wyżna, on the Poland-Ukraine border, does it belong to : East or West ?
is it Europe in Asia or Asia in Europe ?
“In Europe we were hangers-on and slaves, while in Asia we shall be the masters.
In Europe we were Tatars, while in Asia we are Europeans too” Fyodor Dostoyevsky:

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