On Mimesis

On Mimesis…
What are the numbers that i found on bills coming from ATM machines ?
It is emazing how things are, how i firstly came across “language” trying to understand, and reading “Of Grammatology” by Jaques Derrida…then i started to look at language from point of view of machines, interested about relationship machine-human, and how is language produced…
So when i look at ATM machine’s receipt this is a text giving to us to be read as we do read so many texts without our choice everyday as advertising messages on the streets, on led screens, on tv, on the internet, we are “raped” by texts in our daily life.
It is the same concerning relationship with industrialization, it varies as for example how the gesture of walking-people at rush hour to a metro station is mechanical and systematic hence see my serie “Recording movement1” it is co-dependent relationship that have a power link…
It is mechanical and systematic similar to language structure, for example stressed-timed-sound in language it is organized with sequences that are at a same timing…I might come back to this point later…
As i understood so far Derrida says somewhere in “Of Grammatology” that Art is imitation , a repetition , an image of feeling we have inside us, it is ALWAYS a repetition an imitation but Never the original sign that is inside us !
To be continued…
By Mo Maria

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