Collage, Malevich’s 8 Rectangles-Ganymede



From ONGOING Serie of Collages by Mo Maria , “Malevich’s 8 Rectangles-Ganymede”

-Ganymede myth “One source of the myth says that Zeus fell in love with Ganymede when he spotted him herding his flock on Mount Ida.
Zeus then came down in the form of an eagle or sent an eagle to carry Ganymede to Mount Olympus where Ganymede became cupbearer to the gods.”

-Ganymede “(Jupiter III) is the largest moon of Jupiter and in the Solar System, and the only moon known to have a magnetic field.
It is the seventh satellite outward from Jupiter and third of the Galilean moons, the first group of objects discovered orbiting another planet.”

-8 red rectangles “Malevich later criticized this more dynamic phase of his Suprematist movement as ‘aerial Suprematism,’
since its compositions tended to echo pictures of the earth taken from the skies”

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