“Recording Movement (4)”

Photography ( Serie of 5 ) : Train , a transport system that does not exist in present time in Lebanon where I live the majority of time , it is also addressing the link between human bodies relationship and body gestures in link with machines as a codependency , as other examples human bodies and vehicles or human bodies and ATM machines … As in “Recording Movement1” http://momaria.msol29.com/project/recording-movement1/
in a later time leaded me to think and reflect more deeply about “flux” and movement of Human body and how it is regulated and governed in cities and peripheries and areas in link to various factors as industrialization, or the creation of “Public” and “Private” spaces in those cities… -Dimensions : 50 per 30 CM each -Framed and numbered. -Location : Paris 2009-2010 -Author : MO. Maria http://momaria.com/info@momaria.com
 Limited Edition 1/7 AVAILABLE for sale
For information about price and shipping write us on : info@momaria.com 

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