“DLUP NOW / ДЛУП совреме(н)” Exhibition In Macedonia!

Happy to be part of this Exhibition in City Prilep in Republic of Macedonia!
All The Best For Organizer/Artist/Curator Jasmina Runevska and all the participants Artists!


“This Friday, October 19th at 6 pm, in the Depot, the hall and gallery Ace at the NUCC “Marko Cepenkov” Prilep will open the exhibition “DLUP NOW / ДЛУП совреме(н)”. It is a group exhibition of fourteen artists – members of the Association of Fine Artists Prilep DLUP (Hristina Mazneska, Ivana Sekuloska, Atanas Atanasoski, Metodija Jordanovski, Vasilka Botseska, Darko Taleski, Zoran Kocoski, Pavlina Ilijeska, Emil Soleski Victoria Dimeska, Vladimir Zdraveski, Elena Dimoska, David Atanasoski and Jasmina Todorovska), an artist from Beirut Mo Maria Sarkis and artist Gabriela Muller from Portugal who lives and works in Berlin. The emphasis of this group exhibition is placed on digital art, that is, the most common forms are video and photography, but there will also be facilities in space, sound and visual installations.”
Poster Designed by Zoran Kochoski Zoko


See Facebook Event Here : https://www.facebook.com/events/687582434946667/


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