“TASHWEESH” Cairo, Egypt!

Glad to be participant of #TASHWEESH from 8th to 12th November 2018 in #Cairo #Egypt
Great encounters and conversations in Art And Feminism.

“Zofff, rsssshhhh, tschh, wssshhh,
tashshshsweeshh! If we think of feminism today,
we hear a multiplicity of sounds.
How can we shake up the stereotypes on
women, women representation and gender
on both sides of the #Mediterranean? How do
feminists think about such a question artistically
and academically? And what does actually
come out of a joint conversation on these
issues? Attempting to tackle these questions,
the Goethe-Institut Cairo is organizing a
series of events under the title of Tashweesh
تشويش .The events feature performances, film
screenings, a discursive program of #lectures and
#talks#concerts and an #exhibition. Goethe-Institut
brings together personalities from the fields of
#academics and #arts from #Europe and the #Arabspeaking
#region to stimulate #conversations,
expand #networks and enable knowledge
exchange on #feminism. #Tashweesh aims to
effectuate the #gender discourse further beyond
the prevalent geographic affiliations, as well as
on a #multidisciplinary level, to impart #knowledge
about the discourse on #womensrights and to
offer a #platform for #artisticstrategies.”

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