Artist Statement

In my artistic research, in a part i try to think what is a situation?
Through superposition or juxtaposition of currents, the creation / production of substitute images/symbols/signifiers;
I try to understand … Due to the immediate experience/contact with the object it’s the creation, its substitute.
Sometimes the work on one situation generates another…
When moving to another situation it anticipates various ahead.
What does it mean ‘various situations ahead’? this means a situated object, situated compared to “languages”/”structures”/”meanings” in hegemony…or not…
Through finding aesthetic ways to intervene and question “public” and “common” areas in nowadays world based on accumulation…  Questioning too the notion of the ‘politic’ and the one of ‘aesthetic’ and their inter-section for a reconsideration of their borders in a front-era…


Mo Maria Sarkis is a contemporary Artist from Lebanon ,2013-2014 attended a post-graduate art program with ASHKAL-ALWANThe HWP 2013-14, which is the third edition of Home Workspace Program, is led by resident professors Jalal Toufic and Anton Vidokle under the title ‘Creating and Dispersing Universes that Work without Working’ see more on the program here : First Trained in Interior Architecture , Then in Plastic Arts.


Art events and exhibitions ( selection ) :

-2016 , 5June-4July 2016 : Solo Exhibition of photography entitled “Faces,Places”,Bardo restaurant, Beirut , Lebanon ,

-2015 , 22-25 October , Collective exhibition at ISTANBUL COFFEE FESTIVAL art exhibition , first projection of ‘COMPLEX , FLUXES2’ , ISTANBUL , TURKEY , 

-2015 , 17April till 17 May : Collective Exhibition I:O Art Residence Bahcecik , at VEHBI KOC FORD OTOSAN CULTURAL CENTER , Turkey ,

-2015 April : Artist in Residence at I: O – Koktebel Art Residence , , Bahcecik , Turkey ,

-2014 June :Collective Exhibition ‘ Museum Of Immortality ‘ Ashkal Alwan , Beirut , Lebanon ,

-2014 “View Of Paved Land” Trilingual Poetry work in progress, Excerpt published in MAKHZIN N01 New Literary Magazine by 98 Editions A Small Beirut Press ,

April 2014 : Makhzin N01

-2013 Participated in HomeBase Project , Berlin , Germany ,

-2012 “View Of Paved Land” Participates in the magazine ”Inchiostro e Pietra” , “Inchiostro e Pietra” participated in the self_publishing exhibition “Fruit” from 20 to 24 March 2012 in Bologna , Italy ,
See : Pages 11, 36 , 37 :

-2010 artist in residence at LA GENERALE EN MANUFACTURE, Pont de Sevres , France ,

-2008-2007 Collective exhibition at Modus Gallery and Gallery Des Vosges, Paris , France ,

-2006 Collective exhibition at the Middle East University, Lebanon ,

-2005 Collective exhibition at Castle of conference, Dbayeh, Lebanon ,

-2004 Shared exhibition sponsored by the dean of the Lebanese University Plastic Arts Department , Lebanon ,