2013-2014 attended a post-graduate art program with Ashkal-Alwan,

The HWP 2013-14, which is the third edition of Home Workspace Program, is led by resident professors JALAL TOUFIC and ANTON VIDOKLE under the title ‘Creating and Dispersing Universes that Work without Working’ .

‘Led by Toufic and Vidokle, the program focus on artistic concerns ranging from how to build and/or disperse a universe that doesn’t fall apart “two days” later, to an inquiry into work in art practice and the possibility of sovereign art. Organized in five thematic chapters, the program will be comprised of a series of public lectures and a seminar by Jalal Toufic that draws on cinema, art, literature and science; and exhibitions and publishing projects organized by Anton Vidokle in collaboration with visiting artists, participants of the program and e-flux journal.’

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