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Articles About I:O Art Residence April 2015 which I took part of :

Article in Turkish language :

‘Boran ROCKS – Bahçecik 2 this year organized by the Culture and Solidarity Association Bahçecik Art Residence (contemporary art event) began Helikon Art Center. 20-day festival will be held on contemporary art will be exhibited in various places of our city. Organizations in Russia, Ukraine, America, Britain, Lebanon, Korea and joined artists from 14 countries, including Germany. Artists will exhibit their works of art made in Bahçecik Art Center in the center of the major art centers of our city.’

Article in Lebanese newspaper in Arabic language :

«I chose the language because it represents my opinion on ‘border’, and in the light of the political events that happen in Ukraine today, I wanted to show the importance of the border between the countries, through this technical installation. Language is an invitation addressed to the other to detect and identify him, is the one who does not understand the other person does not understand his own culture and language. But at the same time, besides being boundary between people, it is a bridge towards the other… »