“Recording Movement3”

“Recording Movement3” New Art Video , Duration 2mn maximum , March 2018. “Recording Movement3” Art Video By Mo Maria Sarkis, Editing By Mo Maria Sarkis & Christine Safi, Copyright© “Recording Movement3” Art Video, Mo Maria Sarkis , March 2018.


When I look at the sea, it reminds me of the summer and the Mediterranean nature In Lebanon the place where I grew and which shaped some aspects of my identity… The numbers from ATM receipts and machines are part of our contemporary life as well… Now computers, machines, robotics, are present more and more in the workforce in some countries and this is one cause of unemployment of human labor… This leaves us with an open question: what does shape our identity nowadays? What is “culture” ? is it language/mother-tongue ? is it related to the environment, the nature, the city, the development etc. ? For example, Linguist Noam Chomsky propose that all human have one language device inside them and this means that Human have one only language but then through time Human developed new language systems in order to differ themselves and create nations, identities etc. So I am not going to answer this question directly but rather keep a position of reflection on this subject through my new artwork…


Still from Art Video “Recording movement3”