“Let’s play Hopscotch”

mo.maria.online.art.gallery “Let’s play Hopscotch” by Mo Maria Sarkis It’s an Interactive-Art-Installation by Mo Maria, Dimensions 3 per 4 m, In a part speaks about accumulation of weight / power and the territorial from a feminist point of view, it aims to record or questions weight/power in patriarchal society, it questions the position of female body […]

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“Extended Self#02”

AVAILABLE *** ‘Extended Self’#02 -Edition 1/7 -Framed -Signed and printed on cardboard -Dimension 40/50 CM -SIGNED AND NUMBERED EDITION 1/7 , PRINTS ON CARDBOARD , FRAMED , AVAILABLE FOR SALE , 40/50 CM each , FOR DETAILS : ASHESSPACES@GMAIL.COM *** I photograph daily objects that i find thrown away inanimate ,expired , also objects that […]

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