View Of Paved Land

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‘ VIEW OF PAVED LAND ‘ its a word’s work in progress in languages : Arabic , English and French , participates in MAKHZIN N01 New Literary Magazine ,

Makhzin stems from 98weeks’ research On Publications



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Synopsis :


‘With twenty-one contributions from Lebanon, Morocco, Austria, The United States, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, and Germany, in English, Arabic and French (as a first, second, or third language), Makhzin’s fifty-nine pages binds worlds and writings from different contexts, histories, and poetics. Yet, these texts share the same physical space: a makhzan, that is “a place for storing goods, especially military ammunition; a warehouse, a depot, a store”. These material conditions, paired with an unrelenting enthusiasm, create Makhzin, a place for readers and writers to inhabit and cohabit.
Makhzin N01 features Lina Morawetz, Raed Rafei, Alex Cuff, Haig Aivazian, Christopher Rey Pérez, Raafat Majzoub, JK Rowling, Amira Hanafi, Wajdi al-Ahdal (Translated by Nada Ghosn), Monica Basbous, Aya Nabih, Hisham Bustani, Mo Maria Sarkis, Jalal Maghout, Mariam Yassin, Bassem Mansour, Chloé Griffin and Samuel Wilder, Robert Ostrom, Rim Battal, Claire Wilcox, and Ruth Höflich.’

MAKHZIN N01 can be found at the following addresses  :
Ashkal Alwan Library, Beirut
Beirut Art Center, Beirut
Antoine Online, Beirut (international shipping)

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Photograph by Karine Wehbe

April 2014 ;

Also Participated in Inchiostro e Pietra – Ink and Stone – حبر وحجر – pages 11 , 36 , 37 , see also :

The magazine ”Inchiostro e Pietra” participated in the self_publishing exhibition “Fruit” from 20 to 24 March 2012 in Bologna.

This work started during temporary in-habitation of space and art residency at La Generale En Manufacture Sevres-France end of 2010 , questioning the lodging/non-lodging , i think when talking on territorialization what is meant are words in process , it is one mode or functionality of creating space , i think this space some times is tangent and itself transcribed some where in line , some times i do wonder on the notion of the ‘trace’ that mentions about Jacques Derrida ; i think these words are translated in one way or another still the form of the work is open ended,the transition of sound through words , the feminine , language and gender fusion are all some aspects of the work which i haven’t another extract to share at the moment because as mentioned previously it is in process .

By Mo Maria Sarkis

All Rights Reserved By The Artist